Caroline Thon (born 1986) is a Copenhagen based artist. She is primarily an oil painter, but has also experimented in sculpture and installation. Apart from her artistic practice she has an academic background within biology and art history. Both her artistic work as well as her academic research shows her great interest in the relationship between “human” and “nature” and how art and science exhibition can affect our perception of these concepts.
She is currently employed at the Medical Museion, Copenhagen, as a research assistant and co-curator on the interdisciplinary exhibition Mind the Gut and has prior to that worked at the Danish science center with exhibition development and production as well as research policy and teaching. She has been a guest teacher and workshop facilitator at the art school Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk.
She has been represented by Le Magasin de Connaisseur (Shanghai), Galleri Hegnhøj & Blume and Lille Lottenborg (Copenhagen).

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Curriculum Vitae

Curation, research and teaching

2016-present, Research curation assistant at Medical Museion. Doing research on interdisciplinary art, science and cultural history co-curation in relation to the exhibition Mind the Gut as well as curation and sculptural production.

2013-2016, Project employee at Experimentarium. Working with exhibition development and production as well as EU projects on gender inclusive science teaching and communicating responsible research and innovation (NERRI and RRI-tools).

2012-2013, Teacher and guide at Experimentarium.

2011-2015, Guest teacher at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk.


Mind the Gut, Co-curator, research assistent and sculptor.

Design and production of mini-worlds for Experimentarium.

Solo exhibition at Galleri Hegnhøj & Blyme.

Galore 2013, group exhibition, Krafwerket.

PARANORAMA, Lille Lottenborg
Galore 2012, group exhibition, Krafwerket.
World it’s time to push the button, KPH VOLUME.

Vinterudstillingen 2011/2012, Studenternes Galleri.
14x14x14, Group exhibition by ”Det fri akademi”, KPH.
Better than TV exhibition, Bikubenfonden.
Galore 2011, group exhibition, Krafwerket
Shanghai Contemporary Artfair, represented by Le Magasin de Connaisseur.
The Big Bad Exhibition, Better than TV, Lille Lottenborg.
LAB SHOW, Group exhibition, Det fri akademi, KPH.

Galore 2010, Better than TV, Group exhibition, Kraftwerket.
Woodstock genopstår i Ørstedsparken, Better than TV, HC Ørstedsparken.

Galore 2009, Better than TV, group exhibition, Kraftwerket.

Galore 2008, Better than TV, group exhibition, Kraftwerket.

Paper maché invasion, Copenhagen
VK-udstillingen, open curated exhibition, Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk.


2013-2016, Masters in Biology, with minor in art history. Thesis on the potentials of including artists in the work of science museums.

2008-2012, Bachelor in biology, with a minor in art history.

2007, Spring: Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk. Fall: Vera School of art and design




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